published at 06/12/2019

Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Spincontrol Group's international panel

Global expertise: Spincontrol Group is more than 45,000 panellists
To select a quality panel to evaluate your cosmetic, aesthetic or well-being products efficacy, represents a definite advantage to maximize their marketing.
Selective when recruiting its volunteers to get closer to your target, Spincontrol Group mobilises motivated panellists to test your products, essential asset to adapt them to customers’ needs.

Our panellists around the world

With its international subsidiaries, Spincontrol offers you the rare opportunity to carry out studies as close as possible to the expectations of your consumers.
Each consumer is unique, each nationality has its own perception related to culture, climate, cosmetic habits ... This is why Spincontrol Group has adopted an internationalisation strategy, in order to conduct multi-centric studies.
As a result, we have constituted an international panel to offer you:
  • A greater diversity of characteristics (cosmetic habits, cutaneous criteria, age, sex...)
  • Greater representativeness of the world's population
  • A multitude of test protocols

France, Thailand, Canada, India and Indonesia: where do you want your future product to be tested?

Spincontrol Group's international panel is mostly made up of women (more than 80%) and more than half of its panellists are between 35 and 65 years old.
To characterise the panellists’ skin, one of the criteria taken into account by each of the subsidiaries is the ethnicity or the skin colour (with the phototypes). Indeed, it is important to differentiate a dark skin from a clear skin, because they react differently to the products. Thus, having panellists around the world allows Spincontrol Group to offer tests for all skin types.
In France, Spincontrol has two panels:
  • Local Panel: 10,000 volunteers in Tours and surrounding areas with 84% women and 16% men, divided into three ethnic groups: Caucasian, Asian and African.
  • National Panel: 8,000 volunteers with 92% women and 8% men, divided into five skin colours: milky, clear, intermediate, matte and black.
10,000 volunteers with 85% women and 15% men, divided into two ethnic groups: Thai and Thai-Chinese (phototypes III and IV).
4,000 volunteers with 86% women and 14% men, divided into five ethnic groups: Latin-Mediterranean, Caucasian, African, Indian, and Asian.
8,000 volunteers with 62% women and 38% men, divided into three skin colours: whitish, light and dark (phototypes IV and V).
4,000 volunteers with 91% women and 9% men, divided into four skin colours: white, light brown, brown and dark brown (mainly phototypes III and IV). More than 90% of the volunteers being Muslim, the majority of women volunteers usually wear the hijab.


Different types of panels, Different databases, Multiple possibilities ...


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