published at 07/01/2016
Cosmetic studies

Cosmetic studies

With more than 10,000 studies conducted all around the world, Spincontrol Group has a strong expertise in claims’ substantiations.

Finished products or active ingredients, smart textiles or perfumes…? Skin care, body care, hair care, oral care, eye and body tolerability…You have a claim? We have the protocol whether standard or innovative.

Involved in different working groups, Spincontrol group is always informed about the latest regulation information.

Our strengths

  • Accuracy in the selection of the volunteers (more than 300 information per panelists in our database, regular loyalty campaigns to develop their compliance in the test)
  • Development of bench systems to get reproducible and repeatable measurements
  • Stability and availability of the team
  • Tailor-made protocols according to your marketing speech
  • Quality control at each step of the study