published at 18/01/2017
Winter cold and hydration

New protocols for moisturizing and anti-sensitive effects

The winter cold conditions are ideal for evaluating moisturizing and anti-sensitive effects !

Hydration is a very popular cosmetic claim, especially in winter. Skin tightenings, irritations and redness can appear when the epidermis is mishandled by cold wind and heating. These discomfort feelings can be objectively measured thanks to the behavioral analysis of facial expressions in terms of muscle groups’ mobilizations. Measuring the improvement of the comfort feeling by using a moisturizing product is now possible.  
Corneometry used to be the reference technique but no illustration can be provided. Now, you can have parameters and also images thanks to the Moisture Map® and the fringe projection. The MoistureMap® measures the penetration of the electromagnetic field. Rather than absolute moisture figures the MoistureMap®  indicates the distribution of moisturization on given skin surface. Thanks to the fringe projection, analyzing the skin network is thus possible by observing the restructuration of the microrelief (anisotropy).        

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