published at 16/02/2016
Our professional network


Spincontrol is a historical member of the Cosmetic Valley Association.

Cosmetic Valley was designated as a "competitiveness cluster" by the Inter-ministerial Committee for the Development and Competitiveness of Regions (CIACT) on July 12, 2005. Today it is the worldwide leader in perfumery cosmetics resources and it contributes to the development of the perfumery cosmetics sector.

With the backing of local authorities, Cosmetic Valley leads a network of businesses, research and training centres committed to a joint approach based on a dynamic focused on innovation and the conquest of international markets.

Spincontrol has early on felt the importance of emotions in our lives.

Emospin was created in 2012 to develop specific methods for measuring the impact of emotions in our purchasing decisions for cosmetics but also perfumes or food.