published at 07/01/2016
Why working with us ?

Our strengths and values

Report internationally approved

Human values are part of the DNA of our group


  •  With our customers
  •  With our teams
  •  With our volunteers


  •  R&D unit always looking for new protocols * Partnership with customers
  •  Collaborative projects (with Universities and Emospin)
  •  Validation of new concept within basic R&D allowing scientific publications

Legal & Quality support

  • Assistance in your regulatory requirements and marketing argument
  •  Collaborative thinking tanks and regulatory monitoring
  • Global quality insurance system to carry out the studies in the whole group

International development

  •  Panels under real working conditions
  •  Different climate conditions


  • According to your schedule (date results, launching of the product)


  • Discussion about your project, 1 spokesperson at each step of the study

Technical support

  • Assistance in the choice of the techniques, the number of volunteers, the selection criteria of the volunteers, treatment and use of data